Here you will find just some of the cupcakes I have made. Lots of different flavours, colours and decorations. Which one is your favourite?

Customers with their cakes

Some of my amazing Customers with their cakes

Custom Cakes

Some photos of my favourite types of cakes to make - novelty/custom cakes.

Birthday Cakes

A collection of the Birthday cakes I have made. Some more Birthday cakes can also be found in my Custom cakes gallery.

Theme Cakes

All of these cakes were made for very big fans of the subject.

Wedding, Christening and Communion Cakes

Engagement, Wedding, Anniversary, Christening and Communion cakes


Collection of the sport related cakes that I've made. Usually for kids but the odd one has been made for a grown up......

Food and Drink

Cakey versions of popular food and drink

Number Cakes

Here are some number cakes for those special birthdays

Baby Shower Cakes and Cupcakes

A selection of some cute Baby Shower cakes and cupcakes